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IMF Health Advisory, addressing the issue of outdoors travel in the context of raging COVID19 pandemic by Dr  Anil Gurtoo :-

A) The Issue:   As we watch the COVID story unfold in most unpredictable twists and turns, the question upper most in our minds is this:
        What does it all mean to my mountain travel and activity plans for the coming season? To Go ? Or, Not to Go? That is the Question.

B) Thinking Through: Making a Decision:

    1) When confronting a situation
    marked by :   Uncertainty and Rapid Change, I would   adopt a Risk Based Approach .

    2) I would ask the following 3 Questions:

    If I were to go out to mountains then:
    a)What all can go wrong? The full  spectrum of all that can go wrong.
    b)What is the Likelihood of it happening?   The probabilities for each adverse event.
     c)What will be the consequences should it   materialise?

    For example,if I catch COVID infection on the way, or from my team mate,  I am more likely to suffer serious outcomes due to high altitude induced immunosuppression / I could infect the whole team and become stranded without any medical aid or possibility of rescue / I or my team could pass on the infection to already vulnerable mountain communities or the porters and trigger an epidemic in an already under resourced area. 

The Likelihood of such a scenario materialising is pretty high at 60% or more. The Consequences would be truly tragic.

C) Based on answers you generate to those 3 aforementioned Questions, you create  a Risk Level and then integrate it with following variables :-

    1) The Risk Level.
    2) Your Age and Pre-existing Medical Conditions ( risk of adverse outcomes increases with age and especially,if one has health issues like :  Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease,   Chronic Lung Disease, kidney or liver  disease.) 

    3) Essentiality of your Travel.

    So, given what we know as on 22nd March, 2020, I would recommend the following :-

    1) Avoid All Non-Essential Mountain Travel and Activities for the next THREE months.

    2) Reschedule all present plans to beyond a 3 month timeline.Keep tracking the evolving situation.
    Be ready to for a No-Go should  the situation again deteriorate after 3 months.


Dear Respected Members

                As the pandemic of Corona Virus rages on unabated, I take this opportunity to wish you and your  familiesgood health and well being !

                 These are unprecedented times for our Nation and Countrymen, indeed for the human race  the world over. As we fight this deadly  onslaught on humanity, we have no option but to come out victorious. To my mind,  ' Social distancing ' or should I say ' Social abstinence ' is key need of the hour and would be our best contribution as Citizens, to the ongoing National effort to combat Covid-19.

                   These are also very challenging times for the IMF. As you are well aware,  all our activities, have come to a standstill. We have  had to  cancel some pre-planned  mega events  of the Foundation and postpone others, including our training activities, indefinitely. As of now, all Foreign Expeditions to India stand cancelled. Indian Expeditions too are  in a deep freeze. Nevertheless, we are using this time gainfully for resolving  some of our ongoing administrative issues, planning for the future and hopefully execution at a later stage, as and when it becomes feasible for us to undertake our mandated activities. 

                    As things stand today, unless  there is a drastic improvement in the present scenario,  it is unlikely that we will be able to resume our activities, anytime in the near future. In this context, I would request you  all to to read " IMF Mountaineering and Mountain Outdoor Activities Advisory 2020 ", which had been  shared with  all our members and is also posted on our Website.

                     I will also implore all our Committee Chairmen/ Chairperson, to gainfully  utilise  this time to interact with their respective Committee Members, using a multitude of existing social media  tools available, such as Skype/Chorus/ Houseparty/ Zoom/ Whattsapp/ Uber Conference etc to prepare/plan/work/execute/ coordinate their respective Committee tasks,  wherever and in whatever form and way, to the extent feasible ! 

                    I would  also like to place on record the concerted effort being put in at this hour, by our Hony Secretary, Director and our entire IMF STAFF, in keeping the IMF functioning and alive, while  working from  their respective homes. Under the existing circumstances, they are working to the best of their ability, as presently the IMF complex is closed. For them too, it is a  ' first ' such experience ! 

                     I would also like to thank our GC Members and  Hony  Treasurer, for their  deep concern, unconditional support and constant inputs, in wake of the present situation. 

                      I am also grateful to all our  Esteemed Members, for your intrinsic support, which gives us the strength to look ahead with optimism. It will  be our endeavour to do whatever is pragmatic and feasible by IMF at this juncture. Incase you have any suggestions  in this regard, please do share with us !

                       I would  also like to make a Special Mention of Dr Anil  Gurtoo, our IMF Member, who is playing a key role and alongwith other Corona Warriors of the Nation, is in the forefront of fighting this pandemic. 

                      Lastly, I would request  all of you to Stay Safe and Take Care ! I will further  request our Senior Members to be  'extra' careful !!!

                       I will  end by sharing this quote of Charles Darwin, which I feel is very relevant to the current times :- 

"It is not the strongest of the species which survives nor the the most responsive, but the one the most responsive to change " 


Regards and Best Wishes,


Brigadier  Ashok Abbey, AVSM


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To Whomsoever It May Concern


This is to inform that consequent to multiple reports of  Misbehaviour & Misconduct against Mr Adarsh Singh, Governing Council in the 346th GC Meeting held on  17 January, 2020, unanimously decided to impose a Lifetime Ban  with immediate effect on  his participation  in all the activities conducted by IMF, either independently or in association with other  organizations, in the best interests of IMF.  



Place: New Delhi                                                                                                                                        Honorary Secretary

Date: 10 Jul 2020                                                                                                                                       IMF

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  1. This is to inform all concerned that   Mr Sambor Surong from North East Zone, was issued a Certificate from the IMF on 2nd April 2014 for participating in the 12th  & 13th National Sport Climbing Competitions, held  at  Delhi and Uttarkashi in 2006 & 2007, respectively.


  1. On scrutiny, based on a complaint received by the Foundation, it has been established that the individual had not participated in both the National Sport Climbing Competitions. It has also been brought to the notice of IMF, that the individual has been misusing the Certificate, by taking undue benefits from his native State Government, despite knowing that he had not participated in the National Competitions.


  1. Based on the above the IMF Certificate issued to Mr Sambor Surong on 2nd  April 2014, is  hereby withdrawn and stands   revoked; null and void.


  1. The individual is also debarred from participating in any future Sport Climbing activity of the IMF.



Place: New Delhi                                                                          Honorary Secretary

Date: 1 Jan 2021                                                                          IMF

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Extremely sad to inform that Lt Col JB Dhankhar, ex Director, Indian Mountaineering Foundation  expired on 14 May 2021. He was a thorough gentleman, very sincere, hardworking, honest and conscientious man.
May God bless the noble soul and may he rest in eternal peace.

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The expedition was organized and conducted by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation or IMF, which is the Apex National Body for Mountaineering and Allied activities in India. The expedition was sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt of India. The expedition and has been path breaking in many ways as follows :-

1. Never before in the history of the Everest Massif, 04 major peaks namely Mt Nuptse (7861 M), Mt Pumori (7161 M), Mt Lhotse (8516 M) and Mt Everest (8848.86 M) have been attempted by an Indian team or even perhaps from any other country in the world.



Regarding Order and direct that trekking and mountaineering on all the treks shall be banned in the entire territorial jurisdictions of district Lahaul & Spiti till further orders


Please download pdf given below




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IMF presents the 5th edition of the IMF Mountain Film Festival, an opportunity to see a
number of short adventure films all originating from India. Through this festival the Indian
Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) wishes to showcase the amazing adventure opportunities
across India and also offer adventure film makers a platform to share their story.

Festival Overview :
The IMF Mountain Film Festival is a competitive event bringing the best films adventure films shot in India or
the Indian Himalaya. The festival provides an opportunity for filmmakers to share their work and receive
recognition and win cash prizes. You are invite to submit your film for pre-screening consideration. All films
selected as finalists will be screened during the festival.
The theme of the festival is : Adventurous Sports, Wildlife and Culture. The theme is extremely broad but
there should be a link to the mountains, lakes, rivers or skies. Areas covered can be mountain climbing, rock
or ice climbing, caving, kayaking, white water rafting, paragliding, wildlife in mountain regions and culture of
mountain people.
Festival Format : From all entries received the jury will select a list of films which will be exhibited. At the
end of the festival the Jury will announce Cash Awards and Certificate of Recognition to select films.
Festival Date & Venue: 26 & 27 February, 2022 at the IMF Centre at New Delhi.
Cash Prizes for Winners : Grand Prize for Rs. 50,000 and Supplementary award for Rs. 25,000
India Tour 2022: All movies which receive cash awards or a certificate of recognition will be eligible to be a
part of India Tour and movies will be made available in a 2 hour capsule to various organisations right across
India for exhibition. This opportunity will ensure that adventure lovers across India view the festival movies.

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Apex Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Newsletter * Volume 12 *

November 2021

            Inside Apex Volume 12
1. Expedition Reports

Manda I, First Indian Ascent by North Ridge, Garhwal Himalaya : Vivek Shivade
Kullu Pumori, Himachal Himalaya : Lt. Col. Jay Prakash
Baljuri Winter Expedition, Kumaon Himalaya : Anindya Mukherjee
2. Big Wall Climbs
Shoshala via Trishul Direct, Himachal Himalaya : Bhupesh Patil
3. Treks and Explorations
Crossing of Traill’s Pass, Uttarakhand Himalaya : Araib Hasan
Kalindi Khal Alpine Style Trek, Uttarakhand Himalaya : Rohit Mishra
4. Mountain Life
Lahaul-Spiti - through the Lens of a Forest Ranger : Shiv Kumar
5. Planning an Expedition in the Indian Himalaya
Unauthorised (Clandestine) Climbing : Regulations & Penalties
6. At the IMF
Everest Massif Expedition 2021
IMF Mountain Film Festival 2022
Book Release Ceremony
Clean Himalaya Initiatives
Tenzing Norgay Museum
IFSC Para Climbing World Cup
7. In the Indian Himalaya
News and events in the Indian Himalaya
8. Book Releases
Recent books released on the Indian Himalaya


For breif please download the pdf linked below......