IMF has the following categories of membership

Honorary Members

Honorary members will be recommended by the GC for approval of the General Body. The persons should be of eminence in the field of mountaineering/Ecology/Glaciology/Geology/Flora/Fauna/ Mountain Photography/ Mountain medicine or any such field related to mountains and high altitude in particular and Himalaya in general. Age is no bar but such persons are likely be above 50 years of age.

Ordinary Members

Ordinary members are members of the General Body (GB)and are admitted through a process that involves recommendation, invitation and election. Existing members can recommend accomplished individuals in IMF's areas of interest to become ordinary members. The recommendations are scrutinised by the Governing Council and a recommended list is presented at the Annual General Meeting.(AGM). The GB votes on list of recommendations and members are admitted if they obtain 2/3rd majority. Members thus admitted have full voting rights and have the right to attend the AGM.

Associate Members

Associate members are selected from the community of mountaineers, trekkers and others interested or participating in allied adventure activities or contribute to the development, research and studies relating to mountains, mountain environment and allied subjects. Such persons selected by the Governing Council from applications received for the same. There is no membership fee for such individuals and Associate Members may be specially invited to AGM and to become members of various committees of the IMF. They however, do not have any voting rights.

Club Affiliation

(For detailed Club Affiliation Guidelines,Please download and refer the attached document. Download)

1. Clubs/Association/Organizations related to the field of Mountaineering/Trekking/Sports Climbing/Allied and Adventure Land Based Activities can become affiliated members of Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
2. The concerned bodies are to furnish the following:
   a) Constitution showing the aim and objectives.
   b) A photocopy of the Registration of Club/Association from Registrar of Societies Office (for Indians). Copy of Registration of Club from respective Govt Dept of the Country.
   c) List of Office bearers.
   d) List of Members.
   e) When did the Association start and details of activities on mountaineering/trekking.
   f) DD/Appropriate Money Transfer Instrument as per following rates on yearly basis:
        i) Indian Clubs Rs 2000/-
        ii) SAARC Countries Club $ 100
        iii) Non-SAARC Countries $ 500
3. Benefits.
   a) 25% discount on peak/expedition bookings/50% to SAARC countries.
   b) Preference and priority in clearances for joint expeditions.
   c) A complementary subscription to the annual edition of Indian Mountaineer Journal published.
4. Club Clearance. The foreign Club should submit clearance/no objection from UIAA/ appropriate Dept. of the parent Country/ External Affair Ministry of Govt. of parent Country/Central Mountaineering Agency of parent Country.
5. Terms & Conditions. The Clubs would be non-voting members of IMF. However, 30 affiliated Indian Clubs/Associations are selected as Institutional Members with voting rights, on rotational basis, for a period of three years.
NOTE : Please refer the step by step guide to apply for "Club Affiliation" on IMF website. Download User Manual

Affiliate Members

  Individuals may now become affiliate members. The Fee structure for the same is as follows:-



Annual Fee

Long Term Fee


Mountaineer, trekker and general adventure lover

Rs 1000

Rs 4000 for 5 years

Affiliated Organization

Member of mountaineering club affiliated with IMF


Have done a course from any of the 5 mountaineering institutes in India

Rs 800

Rs 3500 for 5 years


Between 18-21 years

Rs 600

Rs 1500 for 3 years


Residing outside India

(Fee includes postage for Indian Mountaineer)

US $50

US $ 200 for 5 years

Detailed Affiliate Membership Brochure is available for Download.

To become an affiliate member , Kindly follow given steps :

1. First create an Account on the Portal by Signup : Signup
2. If user already has an account, Kindly login : Login
3. Now create your profile using "Create Profile" Link.
4. After successful profile creation , User can apply for Affiliate Membership by clicking on "Affiliate Membership" link in his account.