Alpine Mountaineering Leadership Programme : Climbathon 2015

Climbathon 2015 is designed as an Alpine Leadership Mountaineering Programme where the objective is for each participant to develop a number of alpine climbing skills for rock, snow, and ice with time to practice so that each skill get’s mastered. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to all the skills of alpine mountaineering, general team leadership, and leading roped teams on glaciers, snow, rock and ice   leading to participation is an expedition in which all of the skills developed are employed in a mountain setting. 
Participants will learn route finding, managing hazards assessment as well as self-rescue. As the course progresses participants will make series of classic alpine ascents on rock routes and on major glaciers where team members will lead the final climb based on the the climbing and leadership skills learned during the program. 

The Course places as much emphasis on good mountain judgment as on the development of technical skills, and throughout this course  participants will observe and analyze climbing routes, terrain features, and hazards so that by the end of the course participants should have developed the ability to lead a small team safely through a rugged and complex environment. 

Finally all the skills learned will be put to a test on participant lead ascent of a challenging peak around the Bara Singri Glacier.  

Climbathon 2015
Application Procedure : The Indian Mountaineering Foundation will accept applications for participation till 15th March 2015. Shortlisted candidates  will be sent a Log Book which is to be duly filled and returned to IMF by 15 May 2015 along with medical fitness certificate.
Criteria for Participation : Application’s are invited from participants who have  done their Advance Mountaineering Course from one of India’s Mountaineering Institutes and achieved a grading of A. Additionally participants should be in the age group of 18 to 35 years and have been participating in trekking and climbing  expeditions during the last three years. 
Decision on Application : The IMF will review applications based on the information and telephonic interview with shortlisted candidates give a final decision on participation by the 1st June 2015. 
Allocations of slots on Climbathon 2015 :  To ensure overall quality of the program a maximum of 50 participants will be accepted in the program across men and women. 
Duration of Climbathon 2015 :  This program will run for 24 days from 4th August to the 27th August of which the climbing base camp will function for a duration of 2 weeks. This will give participants the opportunity to establish small climbing teams and attempt a peak on the glacier. 
Participation Fee : All  selected participants are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 5000/-.  Climbers who are not from India will be charged a fee of US $ 500. Deserving & needy may apply to IMF for scholarship/grant.
Equipment for Climbathon 2015 :  All participants will be expected to get their personal equipment for this program. The comprehensive list of personal equipment required has been placed on the IMF website. If required personal equipment can be procured from the IMF store on hire basis.  
Insurance and Medical Aspects:  Each participant is expected to manage their medial insurance prior to joining the program and additional ensure that their doctor certifies participation in a mountaineering expedition. Participants will need to submit volunteer/willingness certificate along with application. 
Expedition Doctor :  An expedition Doctor will be a part of Climbathon 2015 to manage any medical issues. 
Participation Certificate :  Each participant will be given a certificate of participation. 
Submit Filled Forms to:, 


1. In order to propagate the expertise and knowledge of mountains the IMF in collaboration with the Indian Army is planning to organize 2 X 12 days High Altitude & Mountain Medicine Courses (HAMMC) from  14 August to  25 August, 2012 and  08 October to  19 October 2012.   

Course Overview

2. This courses will be organized by IMF which will fill the vacuum in the training in the field of high altitude and mountain medicine in India.   Successful participants of this course will form a pool of trained doctors who will have knowledge and skills to participate in mountaineering and mountaineering related expeditions in  India and abroad. At present there is no course/training available in India while the same have been available in Europe/America for over 10 years.

3. The course has been designed to cover various aspects of high altitude, human physiology, peculiarities of survival at high altitude, high altitude illness and rescue in high altitude etc. A tentative list of subjects to be covered are - high altitude, effects of environment, human physiology at high altitude, altitude illness, Medical/ surgical emergencies at high altitude, traumatology, Rescue-organized/improvised, Medical plan for expeditions etc. The participants will be evaluated on their grasp of knowledge and concepts of subjects covered and  be expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills to be eligible for award of certificate. Unsuccessful candidates will only be given certificate of participation.

4. The medium of instruction of the  course will be in English.  Course material and technical support will be provided.

5. The instructors will be drawn from pool of experienced/qualified doctors who have vast experience of working in high altitude environment.


6. The target group for the course is doctors from India and abroad who have active interest in the field of mountaineering, trekking and other high altitude activities/sports, those who by virtue of their employment are working in high altitude areas and all those who plan to / will accompany an expedition to high altitude. The course capacity shall not exceed 30 and prospective participants will be screened by IMF before acceptance in the programme.

7. The participants have to be less than 45 years of age, medically fit to travel to high altitude & exposure to altitudes up to 18000 feet and be able to undertake moderate physical effort at that altitude. Those on regular medication must consult their doctors prior to applying for the course.

8. A medical certificate and an indemnity bond will have to be compulsorily submitted along with the application form.

Venue & Duration

9. The courses will be conducted at Leh. The duration of  each course is 12 days out of which 02 days will be utilized for acclimatization.


10. The course will be in a self-financing mode on no-profit basis and the fee will cover the courseware, training aids, instruction, boarding and lodging etc during the course. The fee would be Rs 11000/- (Rs Eleven Thousand Only) per person. Fee for foreign students will be 250 USD per person.

11. Candidates will have to travel to venue and back at their own / sponsor's expense. 


12. The application form is attached with this information sheet. Duly completed forms must be received at IMF, New Delhi by scheduled dates as under: -

Course      Last Dates  

                  Indian Participants              Foreign Participants

Aug 2012   31 Jul 2012                          15 July 2012

Oct 2012    30 Sep 2012                        15 Sep 2012

Contact Information

13. Queries to be addressed to: -


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