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Post on: 11/11/2016 [8 month(s) ago]
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Post by: parth sharma
Post on: 01/13/2016 [1 year(s)6month(s) ago]
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Hey all, I am Parth Sharma. I want your opinion about whether to start a new blog for Indian mountaineers for talks and sharing stuff regarding expeditions and experience.

My personal mail id is

Would appreciate your suggestions for many more issues so that we can resolve the..... Read more
Post by: Tarun Luthra
Post on: 06/06/2013 [4 year(s)1month(s) ago]
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since I was a kid I had been fascinated by mountains..I always remember fondly of the trips when my dad used to take me to Rishikesh, where I was awestruck by the beauty of the river ganga hustling down the himalayan foothills. I kept this passion for adventure in me, and when I joined college as a student of geology in Delh..... Read more

Post by: Asia Trekking
Post on: 06/05/2013 [4 year(s)1month(s) ago]
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Post by: Anonymous
Post on: 06/04/2013 [4 year(s)1month(s) ago]
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Isn't it crazy. Indians are climbing Everest, a dime a dozen. Most of these people have no idea of the risks involved in high altitude climbing. People are racing to be the youngest, oldest, whatever tag they can get... 
Interestingly, all you need to climb Everest now..... Read more

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