IMF membership procedure

Honorary Members

Honorary members will be recommended by the GC for approval of the General Body. The persons should be of eminence in the field of mountaineering/Ecology/Glaciology/Geology/Flora/Fauna/ Mountain Photography/ Mountain medicine or any such field related to mountains and high altitude in particular and Himalaya in general. Age is no bar but such persons are likely be above 50 years of age.



Associate Members

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1. Clubs/Association/Organizations related to the field of Mountaineering/Trekking/Sports Climbing/Allied and Adventure Land Based Activities can become affiliated members of Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
2. The concerned bodies are to furnish the following:
a) Constitution showing the aim and objectives.
b) A photocopy of the Registration of Club/Association from Registrar of Societies Office (for Indians). Copy of Registration of Club from respective Govt Dept of the Country.
c) List of Office bearers.
d) List of Members.
e) When did the Association start and details of activities on mountaineering/trekking and others since inception(atleast three years should be completed.)
f) DD/Appropriate Money Transfer Instrument as per following rates on yearly basis:
i) Indian Clubs Rs 1000/-
ii) SAARC Countries Club $ 100
iii) Non-SAARC Countries $ 500
2. Benefits.
a) 25% discount on peak/expedition bookings/50% to SAARC countries.
b) Preference and priority in clearances for joint expeditions.
c) A complementary subscription to the annual edition of Indian Mountaineer Journal published.
3. Club Clearance. The foreign Club should submit clearance/no objection from UIAA/ appropriate Dept. of the parent Country/ External Affair Ministry of Govt. of parent Country/Central Mountaineering Agency of parent Country.
4. Terms & Conditions. The Clubs would be non-voting members of IMF. However, 30 affiliated Indian Clubs/Associations are selected as Institutional Members with voting rights, on rotational basis, for a period of three years.


Individual Affiliation (New)

  Individuals may now become affiliate members. The Fee structure for the same is as follows:-



Annual Fee

Long Term Fee


Mountaineer, trekker and general adventure lover

Rs 1000

Rs 4000 for 5 years

Affiliated Organization

Member of mountaineering club affiliated with IMF


Have done a course from any of the 5 mountaineering institutes in India

Rs 800

Rs 3500 for 5 years


Between 18-21 years

Rs 600

Rs 1500 for 3 years


Residing outside India

(Fee includes postage for Indian Mountaineer)

US $50

US $ 200 for 5 years

IMF individual Membership/ Associate Membership for Adventure Tour Operators

The Tour Operator should have done Basic/ Advanced Mountaineering Course/ HAWS Mountain warfare/Winter warfare course and should have participated in High Altitude Expeditions. Age 30 to 45 yrs. He should be associated with at lease one welfare project in the welfare of mountain dwellers, Sirdars/Porters and their families. Should have in the payrole of his company one or two qualified mountaineers so that in case of a crisis he is in position to give suitable directions to his support team. He should subscribe to the moral code of conduct that he will not abondon the expedition members that have gone through him, under any circumstances. He should be in the field of Mountain Tourism/Adventure for atleast ten years and should have conducted at least 5 high altitude/ mountaineering expeditions. He should have his own rescue equipment to launch rescue operations at short notice. IMF may verify any such claims and do not accept/terminate membership if such claims are found to be incorrect.

IMF individual Membership/ Associate Membership for Equipment Suppliers

He should be in the field of Mountaineering &/ Adventure equipment supply for atleast 10 years. Age 30 to 45 yrs. Should have R&D set up and should be manufacturing mountaineering equipment or part thetreof in India to build up indigenous manufacturing capabilities. Should preferably have quality Certification such as ISO 9000 or any other certification widely accepted..

For  queries on Affiliation, contact Mr Satish Joshi at IMF on 011-24111211 or e-mail: